Pet Therapy In Action

Over the years, pet therapy has been gaining fans within the health and rehabilitation industry. And it’s for good reason too.Growing number of studies have shown that spending time with pets can have a calming influence on an individual among other things.

What is Pet Therapy?

Pet therapy or its more appropriate term, Animal-Assisted-Intervention may be considered as the sum total of activities such as AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) and AAA (Animal Assisted Activity). In both cases, the animals are used to build upon an existing bond with a human who is suffering from certain physiological and/or psychological problems.

What We Offer

Resource Material

Get the latest information on what is happening in the world of animal assisted intervention, and that too from a various reputable sources within the country


For pet owners, we offer them the chance to get hands-on training in providing AAA services where they will gain insight and the necessary skill sets to become volunteers themselves. 


If you’re learning to be professional animal assistance provider, our internship program can help you gain practical hands-on experience. Internships duration range from three months to a year.

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