Over the years, pet therapy has been gaining fans within the health and rehabilitation industry. And it’s for good reason too. Growing number of studies have shown that spending time with pets can have a calming influence on an individual among other things.

Pet therapy either through way of formal introduction of a pet as part of a treatment procedure or as a form of activity has a lot of potential in different spheres of health care.

Our Beginnings

As a team, Trim and Navi have been professionally involved in the field of pet therapy for over fifteen years. Starting our careers as professional therapists, we offered independent pet therapy services and  to adult care centres, forster homes, and military veteran clubs within the New Orleans area.

Given the not so welcoming scene for pet therapy at the time, teaming up seemed the logical step way forward, both in terms of sustaining our livelihood and being able to offer the same services to our clients with greater vigor and intensity.

dog closeup

Centre For Learning Pet Therapy

Taking all that we have learnt from our years of service, Trim and Navi has stepped up its objectives to educate our viewers on the subject of pet therapy. From principles, methods and trends in pet therapy today, we constantly work on our literature so as to make it easy for the layperson to understand and appreciate animal assisted therapy (AAT) and.animal assisted activities (AAA).

In addition to providing knowledge on the subject, we also offer training related information which should prove for those who are considering taking up the role of an AAT or AAA therapist on a more professional basis.

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