Training and Internship


Trim and Navi offer two type of services for pet owners who wish to learn and provide different aspects of pet therapy on a more professional level.

For pet owners, we offer them the chance to get hands-on training in providing AAA services where they will gain insight and the necessary skill sets to become volunteers themselves. There are many avenues through which we impart knowledge on AAA.

The most popular are weekend workshops for anyone interested in learning about pet therapy. Here, our trainers will give you a basic rundown of what AAA entails and how different animals are used to achieve the necessary goals.

There will also be one scheduled visit to a children’s home, long-term health center and other places so that participants can see and learn the intricacies of pet therapy through observation.


For those who are learning to be professional animal assistance providers, our internship program is an ideal way to gain practical hands-on experience. Internships durations range from three months to a year.

As part of the program, each group is appointed a patron who they shall assist, observe and follow during the course of the internship. You will get tot take part in actual therapy sessions where while you shall not take an active role in the process, you will nevertheless get to experience the skill sets being put to use.

Senior woman in the park on an autumns day

Career Opportunities

Once you have completed either a training or internship program with us, you could apply for a more active role with our organization where both part-time as well as full time employment options become available to you.

Prospective candidates will need to go through a screening process to assess their skills following which there shall be practical tests to ascertain the final candidates. For further information on employment opportunities at Trim and Navi, please fill out the form and we shall get back to you.

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