Pet Therapy And Its Benefits?

Pet Therapy And Its Benefits?

Pet therapy is an alternate form of healing assistance given to people who are coping with psychological problems or long-term physical ailments. Usually, the therapist or doctor managing the treatment suggests this therapy; it includes the handler of the pet, the patient, and the doctor.

The animal undergoes a physical check to confirm it does not have any diseases and has taken the necessary immunizations. It is administered a training course for obedience and behavioral patterns.

Following this, a certificate is issued to the handler and it is ready to take part in healing sessions.

Advantages of Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is still a highly underused healing technique. Studies conducted on this subject show that there are multiple benefits to pet therapy. Few of these are as follows:

  • It helps reduce depression and anxiety levels
  • It helps improve motor skills
  • It motivates the patient to take part in physical activities and exercise
  • It reduces boredom
  • It helps decrease loneliness and provides a loyal companionship to people coping with acute health issues
  • It helps children learn to be compassionate and develop good nurturing skills
  • It provides a positive outlook on life
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