A Brief Introduction To Animal Assisted Therapy

A Brief Introduction To Animal Assisted Therapy

Having a pet in your life can help reduce anxiety and stress in humans. A lot of research has gone into studying the effect of having an animal in one’s life. These studies have proved that people who own pets are less prone to be depressed.

However, it is not feasible for everyone to have pets of their own. This is where AAT or Animal Assisted Therapy comes to their rescue.

What Is Animal Assisted Therapy?

AAT, also known as pet therapy is a treatment that is conducted using an animal to assist the healing of psychological disorders or other health problems in human beings. Much like a session with a doctor or the psychiatrist, here too the interaction takes place in a controlled environment where the therapist is skilled enough to maintain the right consistency of interaction as well as record everything that goes on during each session. 

Generally, it is cats and dogs that are popular for these therapies; however, other animals like rabbits, guinea pigs or fishes are also used.

Who Can Benefit From AAT?

It is observed that people are less stressed and can cope with medical procedures if there is a pet around them. Pet therapy sessions and treatment plans are designed after considering the therapeutic goals of an individual. It is helpful for people who

  • Have mental health problems
  • Are taking chemotherapy  
  • Undergoing long-term hospitalization
  • Kids who have sensory disabilities
  • Children with dental issues
  • Victims recovering from heart attacks or strokes
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